About Congress

The purpose of the Congress is to examine the field of history through the frame of informatics at the international level, to evaluate past and present in this area, to touch on challenges and to offer solutions to problems, to share experiences on the subject in Turkey and World, to allow new approaches and to shape future of the “Techno&History”.


  • Below-mentioned departments of the Universities and teachers working in the schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education and working in the following areas:
    • Informatics
    • History
    • History Teacher
    • Information and Document Management
    • History of Art
    • History of Science
    • Fine Arts
    • Museum Studies
    • Education of Computer and Instructional Technology
    • Computer Engineering
    • Archaeology
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage Protection
  • Municipalities

Why Should Attend?

  • To listen to the speech of an experts in the field of history within the framework of Informatics
  • To contribute to the presentations with comments and suggestions,
  • To meet with new academicians and professionals of the sector and to pursue joint studies in future
  • To be aware of the role of information technologies and innovations in preservation of history and historical monuments,
  • To study on techonology and history in order to adapt aplications to our cultural artifacts,
  • To share studies in the fields of technology and history in Turkey with conference participants.
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