Call for the Congress

Informatics aims

  • To organize the process which comprises the flow of collecting and storing information, which is of great importance today, in a healthy way and to achieve a specific benefit
  • To eliminate ICT based requirements

For these reasons, the discipline of informatics brings together researchers from a number of different areas such as computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science etc. and offers a versatile study platform. Considering interaction between informatics and different disciplines in the field of natural and social sciences, the importance of collaboration between informatics and other areas is also emerging. The mentioned considerations have played influential roles in the launch of the research project “in the Frame of Informatics”.

Infonomics (Knowledge Economy) was discussed at the first INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS “IN THE FRAME OF INFORMATICS” (Infonomics in the first “Frame of” Conference and Workshop on Informatics) which was carried out successfully in November last year. This year, the congress again opens its doors to researchers, educators, and public and private sector employees from all around the world. The congress is organized by Istanbul University’s Department of Informatics, Istanbul University Faculty of Literature’s Department of History, and Istanbul University Center for Research and Practice in the European Union. It will be held on October 13-14, 2014 in the Assembly Hall of Istanbul University Faculty of Literature.

History is in the Spotlight from the eye of Informatics…

Technology, defined as a body of knowledge that allows making and using appropriate tools and instruments to meet needs of humans, gives new dimensions to the discipline of history. Archiving of historical documents, accessibility of documents and the ease that technology provides during the evaluation of history is only one of these dimensions.   Today, technology has become an indispensable part of historical studies, allowing to share data in the most effective way.

It is important to redefine technology which is still seen today as a set of high performance smart electronic devices. Technology should be defined as a body of knowledge and tools that meets the needs of humans from sheltering to nutrition and from social structure to culture.  Thus, technology emerges as the most important factor that shaped the past of human beings. It is a historical necessity to shed light on to the historical development of this factor by the very means it has provided us in the first place.

Considering the relations between technology and history mentioned below, “Techno&History” has been chosen as the main topic of the congress.

This congress will provide a meeting and discussion platform for researchers from the public and the private sector who are interested in Techno&History. We expect the attendance of researchers from several countries. Important contributions will be made by experts in various relevant fields.

A selection of the papers presented at the congress will be published in journals with national importance.

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